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PeColor Color Matching Systems
PeColor professional computer color matching software including color matching formula correction archive and quality control functions is used for color matching software for printing painting coating ink textile ceramic tile and a
PeColor professional computer color matching software, including color matching, formula correction archive and quality control functions, is used for color matching software for printing, painting, coating, ink, textile, ceramic tile and automobile, providing perfect color matching solutions.

PeColor Features and advantages

1、Quality Control, Accuracy and Flexibility

The absolute values of two colors (L*, a*, b*), color difference data (dL*, da*, db*, dE*) are given by standard measurement and sample measurement. According to the range of chromatic aberration set by the software, the conclusion of "pass/fail" is automatically drawn.

Accuracy and Flexibility

2、Automatic/Manual Color Matching

According to different dyeing processes, choose different color matching files or use limited dyes; select 1-6 colorants for automatic color matching and quantitative calculation formula; provide optimal formula under existing process conditions according to standard.

Manual Color Matching

3、Formulation by Combinations

According to the samples provided by customers, it is possible to provide all the prescriptions under the existing technological conditions. And the technician can quickly and accurately select an optimized formula that takes into consideration factors such as color matching quality, cost, and metamerism.

Formulation by Combinations

4、Colorant Characterization

By reading the optical characteristics of 5-8 concentration points of each colorant, set up a color matching basic database to automatically store the relevant data of colorant and substrate.

Colorant Characterization

5、Formula Correction

If the first formulation does not meet the requirements, or because of changes in raw materials, process conditions and other factors, as well as differences in compatibility between colorants, the formulation can be automatically and quickly corrected by the formula correction function in the color matching software.

Formula Correction

Formula Correction

Spectral Curve

Spectral Curve