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22 Years of Growth
Every step is leading the progress of the industry
1. Successfully develop non-contact desktop spectrophotometer, which filled in the blank of product application.
2. The fourth generation of TS series spectrophotometer was successfully developed, and 3nh began to lead the color measurement industry standard
3. More glorious history, coming soon....
1. Successful develop YD series spectrodensitometer.
2. Successful develop YS45 series spectrophotometer.
3. Develop coating thickness gauge and Haze Meter.
1. YS60 series desktop spectrophotometer was launched, and its measurement accuracy had reached the international advanced level.
2. Successfully develop YG series digital gloss meter.
3. The color matching software of pecolor had been successfully released, which made color matching easier;
1. YS series grating spectrophotometer with independent intellectual property rights had been developed, which had established the leading position of portable spectrophotometer in China.
2. Pass ISO9001:2015 certificate.
3.Win the title of National High-tech Enterprise.
1. NHG series full touch large screen was launched, which integrated the innovative technique and functions of one button test, PC software, multiple data display . Relevant industry standards are in line with international standards, and products are exported to Europe and the United States.
2. It had made a major technological breakthrough in the resolution test chart and can provide a series of solutions for optical image HD test.
1.Shenzhen ThreeNH Technology Co., Ltd. was established and started to take the road of group development
2. Successful develop NS series spectrophotometer.
1. 3nh got TUV certificate.
2. Successfully developed a more powerful spectrophotometer;
1. The company's first colorimeter was launched, with performance close to the international brand.
2. The company had successively obtained 16 national patents for independent intellectual property rights of scientific and technological innovation.
3. 3nh passed iso 9001 certificate.
Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co., Ltd. was established to introduce foreign imported equipment and create a national brand of colorimeter and test chart.
The company sponsored the 31st provincial Hong Kong Cup football match.
The company had been recognized by Japan Konica Minolta, and has obtained the authorized agent certificate in China.
1. Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang branches had been established successively;
2. Start to sell American Xrite products;
3. The output of light cabinets was the first to surpass the international old brand, and its sales volume ranked the first in the world.
Shenzhen Tilo Technology Co., Ltd was established and began to engage in the field of photoelectric detection technology and color management;