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3nh, Tilo and Sine image are all registered brands of the company. Shenzhen ThreeNH Technology Co., Ltd. (www.3nh.com) is a national high-tech enterprise. It is a large brand enterprise integrated by the famous trademark "3nh" and "Tilo" in the color measurement industry in terms of right time, right place, and right people. The company's source enterprise was founded in 1998. For a long time, it has been specialized in R & D, production, sales and service in the color management field.
3nh is a large-scale manufacturer of color difference meter in China. Its main products series include: TS series grating spectrophotometer, YS series grating spectrophotometer (portable / desktop), NS series handheld spectrophotometer, NH series portable colorimeter, NR series handheld colorimeter; Tilo brand light cabinets has a large R & D, production and sales base, and its production and sales is always in the leader for a long time; Sine Image is one brand of the company to offer image test chart, test software and solutions, including the independent R & D and production high-definition iso12233 resolution test chart and other full series of test chart, standard light sources, test software and test solutions etc. Sine Image has a professional image test laboratory. And 3nh also has many domestic innovative technologies for gloss meter, with high, medium and low gloss automatic switching function. It includes large screen economic HG series, large touch screen NHG series with glossy board calibrated function, economic digital YG series.
The company is also the authorized agent of Philips and Sylvania. All products are widely used in plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and dyeing, printing paper, food, medicine, cosmetics, scientific research, schools, laboratories, optical image testing ,and other fields. The company has gathered a large number of highly talented professionals in the industry, applied for many innovative patents, and has the core technology and intellectual property rights of 3nh, Tilo and Sine image products.
  • What Matters Most in Color Measurement and Managem
    Recent market research conducted by 3nh eflects four key areas of focus when it comes to color measurement and management: Quality Speed Flexibility As the global leader in color measurement and management, 3nh brings to the table best-in-c...
  • Industrial Manufacturing
    The worldwide automotive market depends increasingly on a delicate balance of global supply networks for both OEM and aftermarket components. To meet consumer demands products must exhibit consistent color harmony. This requires accurate me...
  • Cosmetics
    Everyone wants to look good. Self-image has never been more ubiquitous, nor more profitable, and the cosmetics industry is a key driver in meeting consumer demands for new and exciting products. Delivering accurate color is key to todays he...
  • Food
    Food is all about color. Think about how much time is spent on food photography. On food packaging. On food presentation. Think about how consumers view the foods they consume. Research studies show that a rich, vibrant color is an indicato...
  • Ink Industry
    Todays complex color requirements demand innovation, flexibility and precisionas well as cost control. 3nhs solutions provide color formulation software for measurement, recipe calculation, mixing and toning of transparent and opaque specia...
  • Plastic Industry
    Nanotechnology is driving applications for re-used and new forms of plastic to replace wood and metals. These new materials are often used in consumer applications that demand an array of complex colors to match emerging trends. 3nh offers...
  • Medicine Industry
    We set the standard in the industry by offering the most reliable and accurate QC software and instrumentation available. Our densitometers and sensitometers are used to monitor film for quality control in radiology and mammography departme...
  • Textiles/Apparel
    New fabric applications depend on satisfying a wide range of consumer attitudes. Color is the essential component of this industry. Depending on fabric type and manufacturing source, specific colors can be difficult to replicate. 3nh provid...
3nh will attend PITTCON 2020 in Chicago, America
3nh will attend Textech Bangladesh International EXPO 2019!
3nh will attend INTERPLAS THAILAND 2019 in Bangkok!
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