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Detail makes supreme & Quality creates future

3nh & Tilo have 20 years history focus on color management with our own R&D team and support OEM & ODM with fast delivery time & best service.

International standard quality

Advanced production equipment

Strict quality control

Jointly develop well-known institutions for product development, integrate international advanced design concepts, and accelerate product innovation. The factory has many advanced production equipments in the industry to meet the needs of mass production! We always adhere to the strategy of quality development, all products have passed multiple quality inspections, and strictly control quality!


Medicine Industry
We set the standard in the industry by offering the most reliable and accurate QC software and instrumentation available. Our densitometers and sensitometers are used to ...
What Matters Most in Color Measurement and Managem
Recent market research conducted by 3nh eflects four key areas of focus when it comes to color measurement and management: Quality Speed Flexibility As the global leader ...
New fabric applications depend on satisfying a wide range of consumer attitudes. Color is the essential component of this industry. Depending on fabric type and manufactu...
Plastic Industry
Nanotechnology is driving applications for re-used and new forms of plastic to replace wood and metals. These new materials are often used in consumer applications that d...
Ink Industry
Todays complex color requirements demand innovation, flexibility and precisionas well as cost control. 3nhs solutions provide color formulation software for measurement, ...
Food is all about color. Think about how much time is spent on food photography. On food packaging. On food presentation. Think about how consumers view the foods they co...
Everyone wants to look good. Self-image has never been more ubiquitous, nor more profitable, and the cosmetics industry is a key driver in meeting consumer demands for ne...
Industrial Manufacturing
The worldwide automotive market depends increasingly on a delicate balance of global supply networks for both OEM and aftermarket components. To meet consumer demands pro...